Steady state simulation in mineral process assessment

Introduction Understanding the behaviour of mineral processing operations is a constant battle, whether it is finding the right process configuration for the […]

Virtual Mineral Processing Assistance with MinAssist

The Virtual Assistance Framework allows us to provide a very cost effective solution where you have full access to our expertise and experience with minimal comprises to achieving productive outcomes.

Analytics in Mineral Processing

The development of advanced data mining techniques, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence now means that the tools are available in mineral processing to better use our data. However, while uptake of advanced analytics has accelerated over the past few years in exploration, mining and geometallurgy there has yet to be a revolutionary advance in how we use data in the mineral processing plant.


This is the second of two blog posts by Stephen Gay exploring mineralogical modelling (Part 1 published 20th March 2014).  Part 2 […]

Mineralogical Modelling: Rule of Thumb vs Probability Methods (Part 1)

This is the first of two blog posts on mineralogical modelling where we highlight some of the terminology used and misconceptions made. […]

Where we lose money in mineral processing operations

Every mineral processing operation has some areas that are inefficient and cost them money every day.  Understanding where these areas might be […]