Reprocessing Tailings Dams – A systematic characterisation approach (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog (2nd April 2014) a brief introduction was given on having a systematic approach to tailings […]

Reprocessing Tailings Dams – A systematic Approach (Part 1)

This is the first of two blogs examining the reprocessing of tailings dams.   Millions of tonnes of sulphide tailings are produced […]

Operational Health Check Suite

Over the last few months, MinAssist has progressively launched a series of “Operational Health Checks” that have been developed as suite of off-the-shelf […]

Tailings Health Check

Lost material going out to the tailings is a hard reality – however are all the losses unavoidable without a major change […]

What’s in my tailings? Mineralogy as a diagnostic tool for process performance

Tailings evaluation using mineralogy is an area that I believe can define the actual losses in a plant, while simultaneously providing the first step in defining why they occur. There is massive scope to use an understanding of tailings to see what is and what isn’t working in your process.