The MinAssist team has serviced the mineral processing industry all over the world for the last 20 years. Our team has a broad range of experience across the project cycle. Specialising in innovative solutions our low-overheads, broad experience base and flexible approach to project development means MinAssist is well positioned to provide extra value for our junior and mid-cap clients.

We are experienced in working closely with all levels of management in both operations and corporate settings. We value regular communication and work very closely with our clients to ensure projects deliver the best outcomes. We understand that projects are often complex and build flexibility into all our solutions to allow for evolving results through the project cycle. We are experienced in working with tight budgets and deadlines and pride ourselves on developing programs that achieve efficient results without unnecessary costs.

Where can MinAssist help?

MinAssist can help across a range of areas in mineral processing. After your initial enquiry a senior consultant will discuss with you your project goals and develop a plan to achieve an innovative and efficient solution that is cost effective and delivered fast.

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Process Flowsheet Development


Metallurgical Test Work

Audits & Due Diligence


Virtual Remote Support

Technology Selection

Adding Value

MinAssist’s solutions focus on adding value at each stage of the process. We focus on productivity in minerals processing by providing solutions that are practical and aimed directly at improving efficiency and revenue.

Fast start up

Operations lose significant value from slow ramp up of production. Whether commissioning of a full process circuit or implementation of process improvements MinAssist can help ensure that commissioning ramp up occurs rapidly and efficiently.

Early revenue generation

In all our projects we examine opportunities to improve revenue early in the project life, increasing the efficiency of capital spent and improving the overall value of the project.

Increased productivity

MinAssist’s goal with all our projects is to increase the productivity of operations. Our solutions are designed to increase the capacity of site metallurgists and operators to make more effective decisions quicker. All our solutions are supported by clear and concise written reports with simple implementation plans and training support.

By-product value

MinAssist specialises in developing solutions to generate value from by-products in your operation. Whether improving the recover of gold from a copper flowsheet or generating value from minor metals present in the ore MinAssist can develop cost effective solutions with the business case to recover that value before it is lost to tailings.

Who have we helped?

MinAssist has undertaken mineral processing projects for a wide range of clients over the last 20 years. Some examples include:

Aura Energy

Flowsheet Development, Metallurgic Test Work, Process Simulation and Research & Development.

First Quantum Minerals

Gold Process Improvement and Gold Deportment.


Gold Deportment.

Hindustan Zinc

Flotation Process Improvement.


Flow Sheet Development and Research & Development.

How can we help you?

With 20 years experience in delivery of mineral processing projects MinAssist can help you with a range of issues.

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