To take a resource project from exploration to development is a complex process requiring expert input at a range of levels. A critical part of this process is to define a process flowsheet that maximises the value of the project. A successful process flowsheet must balance efficient recovery of target minerals with minimal capital expenditure and competitive operating costs.

While many process flowsheets have similar components it is critical to understand the mineralogical drivers in each resource and tailor the flowsheet to suit. Development of an efficient flowsheet can enhance borderline projects to great projects, while poor flowsheet selection can lead to cost blowouts and make great projects uneconomic.

Our Approach

MinAssist has 20 years of experience in conception of process flowsheets and development of those flowsheets through various project studies. We have worked in a wide range of commodities and combine our experience with data driven decision making to establish fit for purpose flowsheets for every resource we work on.

  • Assess exploration data, resource model and geochemistry to define early stage processing options.
  • Build several conceptual flow sheet options for review and initial testing.
  • Test conceptual flow sheets against simple cost model to determine viability.
  • Provide plans to validate flow sheet options through mineralogical analysis and metallurgical test work.

Once conceptual flow sheets have been established we can work with you build validated mass and energy balances using process simulation. Used early in the development process this can improve the efficiency of metallurgical test work programs and allow capital and operating costs to be outlined at an early stage.

Who have we helped?

MinAssist has developed and tested flowsheets for a range of projects. Some examples include:

Aura Energy

– Haggan uranium bioheap leach, Sweden
– Tiris uranium project, Mauritania
– Haggan vanadium project, Sweden


– Cleveland Sn-Cu flow sheet, Australia

Rodinia Resources

– Red Mud biorehabilitation flow sheet, Jamaica