MinAssist has 20 years of experience in technical and financial assessment of minerals projects. Taking both leadership and support roles we specialise in process development, along with general project management of studies.

We work closely with cross disciplinary teams in conceptual/scoping studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies as well as acting as owner’s representative with larger engineering firms.

MinAssist specialises in working with companies making the transition from explorer to developer and requiring a process oriented engineer to guide them through the development process. We are experienced liaising with government agencies and preparing reports that comply with ASX, TSX and AIM listing guidelines.

We value preparation of studies that reduce project risk and support a smooth progression to development. We have worked on a number of projects supporting clients through scoping to feasibility and believe that development of a strong relationship between technical and corporate teams is a primary factor in good project development. Having worked right through these study phases MinAssist can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan, taking into account all the stages before proceeding to development.

Scoping and Conceptual Studies

Scoping and conceptual studies are the first phase in transition from exploration to development. These studies provide an opportunity to assess a wide range of scenarios suitable for the project’s mineralisation, location and political setting. They include basic engineering to a level of ±50% accuracy, that is sufficient to compare high level Capital and Operating costs between scenarios. Process development is usually supported by mineralogy, sighter test work and some basic mass balance and simulation.

The scoping study is designed to provide a high level assessment of project viability and whether it should be progressed to pre-feasibility.

For companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) more rigorous scoping study guidelines were released in 2016. MinAssist has worked closely with the ASX for a number of scoping studies and is experienced in compiling reports that are compliant with these guidelines, allowing for smooth publication of forward looking statements.

Pre-feasibility studies
The pre-feasibility study is the opportunity to refine options defined as viable during the scoping study and extend the detail to allow selection of the best option. This usually involves assessment of the 2-3 most likely options with engineering design completed to ±25% accuracy. At this stage extensive work is required on establishing the social licence to operator and initiating permitting processes with local authorities.

For pre-feasibility studies MinAssist works closely with larger engineering firms to ensure that engineering is supported by quality test work, process simulation and integrates well with other project requirements.

The value we bring to these larger studies is to provide a holistic view of the project, with a strong technical background. By doing this we can ensure that technical requirements, engineering, financial evaluation, environmental, social and permitting requirements are all integrated smoothly.

Feasibility studies
The Feasibility Study is the final refinement of the preferred option. It is usually completed by a larger engineering firm and includes detailed engineering to an accuracy of ±10%. MinAssist specialises in working with the owners team to ensure that technical details of the project are accurate. We have extensive experience in financial modelling at a feasibility study level and compiling the components of the project into the final study.

Owners representation
MinAssist specialises in working closely with owners teams to ensure the best value is obtained for their studies. A strong owners team is critical to the success of any project. Having representatives that understand the technical aspects of each aspect of the project ensures that misunderstandings with engineers and consultants are minimised and the project can run smoothly. We bring a wide range of practical, technical and corporate experience to the owners team.

Who have we helped?

MinAssist has completed a number of studies at various levels.


– Cleveland Tin Conceptual Study, Tasmania, Australia

Rodinia Resources

– Red Mud Biorehabilitation Option Study, Jamaica

How can we help you?

MinAssist has a long history of helping companies develop and undertake studies at all levels. We specialise in working closely with companies taking exploration projects through to development. At the core we provide technical expertise to ensure that a flow sheet can be developed to take ore from the ground to a saleable product.

In addition, we bring exposure to all steps within study development, from how to translate mine plans to process and financial models to how decisions may affect social, environmental and permitting requirements. This ensures that we can provide an integrated and personalised service that reduces the overall risk profile of the project.

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