Selecting the right technology for the ore characteristics in a Resource is critical to maximise recovery and minimise cost. For every section of a mineral processing circuit there are a range of technology options available, ranging from well proven to newly developed. Often there is a tendency to simply use what has been shown to work in other operations.
However, every resource is different and it is important to ensure that the technology selected is best for the characteristics of a given ore. Technology selection should be made based on what works best for that particular ore.

MinAssist uses an understanding of mineralogy, along with experience with a wide range of technologies across all commodities to select the most suitable for each given application.

Our Approach

MinAssist’s approach to technology selection is to apply data driven decision making to the process. Using the mineralogy of an ore as the basis we examine the key characteristics and select technologies best suited to those characteristics.

We aim to ensure that this is not constrained by simply what has been done before, allowing us to provide fit for purpose suggestions that will be more efficient and reliable. This approach simplifies often complex flow sheets and ensures that all the relevant technologies are considered and assessed on a pragmatic basis.