Understanding what is feeding your process: How ore variability costs money.

The Process Mineralogy Today blog has now been running for over 12 years and in that time, we have built a wealth […]

10 areas where money is lost in mineral process operations

The Process Mineralogy Today blog has now been running for over 12 years and in that time, we have built a wealth […]

Five common misconceptions about Process Mineralogy

The Process Mineralogy Today blog has now been running for over 12 years and in that time, we have built a wealth […]

What is Process Mineralogy?

The Process Mineralogy Today blog has now been running for over 12 years and in that time we have built a wealth […]

Steady state simulation in mineral process assessment

Introduction Understanding the behaviour of mineral processing operations is a constant battle, whether it is finding the right process configuration for the […]

Introduction to MinAssist capabilities in mineral processing and project development

When I started MinAssist over 15 years ago it was to focus on making process mineralogy more accessible in mineral processing. We […]

Building a great Resource into a great Project

Taking a successful exploration project to the next step in evaluating its potential for development is a long and complex process. It […]

Analytics in Mineral Processing

The development of advanced data mining techniques, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence now means that the tools are available in mineral processing to better use our data. However, while uptake of advanced analytics has accelerated over the past few years in exploration, mining and geometallurgy there has yet to be a revolutionary advance in how we use data in the mineral processing plant.

Mineralogical drivers for flotation video

    At Process Mineralogy Today we like to keep an eye out for useful tools that help in gaining a better […]

Zeiss release Mineralogic Mining 1.2 update

ZEISS have announced the release of version 1.2 of Mineralogic Mining – their automated mineralogy software system. The latest version delivers a host of […]

Zeiss release Mineralogic Mining 1.1 update

Zeiss microscopy have recently announced the release of version 1.1 of their Mineralogic Mining software.  After releasing Mineralogic Mining in July 2014 […]

MinAssist sponsorship of Process Mineralogy ’14

MinAssist is proud to announce sponsorship of Minerals Engineering International’s (MEI) 3rd International Symposium on Process Mineralogy (Process Mineralogy ’14) to be held […]

Improving mining productivity: Is process mineralogy one of the keys?

Over the last few months there have been a number of reports released highlighting the declining trend in productivity for the mining […]


This is the second of two blog posts by Stephen Gay exploring mineralogical modelling (Part 1 published 20th March 2014).  Part 2 […]

Mineralogical Modelling: Rule of Thumb vs Probability Methods (Part 1)

This is the first of two blog posts on mineralogical modelling where we highlight some of the terminology used and misconceptions made. […]

Value losses due to poor liberation and classification

The crushing and grinding circuit in any process flowsheet is a major contributor to cost and should be a major focus of […]

Flotation Circuit: Concentrate Grade and Recovery

The texture of particles within a flotation cell play a pivotal role in both mineral recovery, and the grade, in the flotation […]

Where we lose money in mineral processing operations

Every mineral processing operation has some areas that are inefficient and cost them money every day.  Understanding where these areas might be […]

Process Mineralogy ’12

It is really great to see that MEI’s Process Mineralogy ’12 conference in Cape Town, South Africa was such a great success. Unfortunately MinAssist was unable to attend but Barry Will’s has provided a great summary on the MEI Blog. Congratulations to the MEI team and all the presenters.

The how, what and where of process mineralogy

Welcome to the new addition of the MinAssist blog, to be known as ‘Process Mineralogy Today’. This blog has been developed by MinAssist to promote the use of process mineralogy within operations and as a forum to promote discussion on the most effective ways to achieve this. I encourage you as the readers to comment on the ideas presented and add your comments on where you see process mineralogy going in today’s industry.